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Boiler Service Checklist

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  • 02-02-2022
Boiler Service Checklist

If you are considering a boiler service, you may want to know what's involved. We have created this Boiler Service Checklist to help you understand what happens when an engineer is checking your central heating.

What is a boiler service?

Boiler service is a procedure completed by qualified gas safe registered engineers that can offer you a wide range of tests, maintenance and repairs if necessary. 

Their job is to ensure your central heating system, radiators, and boiler are working smoothly to improve the conditions of your home during the months when you require heating the most. 

The service typically takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how efficient your boiler is; if problems arise, the yearly service may take longer so that your skilled engineer can amend them. 

How Long Does A Boiler Service Take?

What happens during a boiler service?

Qualified gas safe engineers have a wide variety of expertise to provide you with a thorough, in-depth boiler service. They conduct several tests to a high standard, ensuring each aspect of your boiler functions efficiently and effectively to keep your home warm with central heating in the winter and to provide hot water. 

Visual inspection

Your annual service engineer often begins a service by visually inspecting your boiler, looking for signs of apparent damage to your boiler system that may cause harmful gas leaks or boiler breakdowns. 

They can identify any signs of distress behind the boiler casing, clean off new stains, smoke marks or adjust components that require it. 

Clean the main boiler components

During your annual boiler service, engineers aim to remove, thoroughly inspect and sometimes clean the essential components within the boiler, ensuring they are ideal for their purpose and exhibit no defects. 

They may clean the heat exchanger, the main burner, ignition pins and flue ways. 

Operation and control

The boiler has numerous safety devices and controls that engineers test for efficient operation. 

They check each boiler function is working correctly and search for any faults. 

Flue and combustion releases

Engineers then check the overall construction, termination and flue route, such as the boiler pipe directly to the outside of your property. 

They ensure no obstructions are made to the flue terminals and that the flue is fitted safely. 

Checklist inspection

There are various tests that engineers must tick off during a comprehensive boiler service checklist inspection, such as:

Boiler flame sense devices.

Pilot light/pilot burner, probes and cables.

Boiler operation.

Flue effectiveness.

High-limit thermostat.

Heating controls.

Adequate ventilation provision.

Boiler location and combustible materials.

Electrical wiring connections.

Safety devices.


Gas and pressure flow.

Boiler Service Checklist

Conduct a record

Your gas safe engineer will then undertake a wide range of checks and tests, making a detailed record of each, including details of the heat input and boiler pressure. 

As a homeowner or property owner, you must keep this information in case issues arise or for the next inspection in the future, 12 months later.

Ensure the boiler is ready for use

Once your boiler service is completed, your gas safe registered engineer will ensure your boiler is running efficiently before leaving. 

Suppose they have made significant alterations to your settings or controls throughout the service to test them. 

In that case, they will switch them back to a comfortable customer setting to use them again easily. 

Boiler Service Checklist

There are many aspects that an engineer will check during a typical boiler service checklist, and these include:

Check the boiler location to ensure it is in a safe area within your home or property. 

Check for any visual damage seen when they first take the boiler case off.

Then they check the operation, ensuring all safety devices and consumer controls operate correctly.

Check the routing, soundness and terminal location of your flues. They also check the size of any open-vented flues and the overall effectiveness. 

Check the condensate drainage system for those that have condensing boilers.

Check the location of your appliances and the combustible material proximity.

Check the main burner, removing and cleaning it if it needs it.

They check the probes, cables and pilot burner to ensure they work correctly.

Engineers will clean the heat exchanger so that it may function more efficiently.

Check the operation of the boiler, low water pressure controls, gas rates, high limit thermostat and flame sensing device. They will also perform a gas tightness test on gas boilers. 

Correct any ventilation provision and ensure your flue guard is fitted correctly.

Look for any flue spillages.

Check the 3 amp fuse has been fitted adequately.

Check the Double Pole Isolation Switch is fitted.

They will thoroughly inspect the electrical wiring concerning the boiler, ensuring it is correctly connected to the appliance. 

Engineers will run the boiler to check for gas leaks, corrosion, loud noises and check the flues for functionality and effectiveness.

They will then test and record the main burner and appliance burner pressure.

They finally check the heating controls and timer, ensuring they are left in good condition for the home or property owner. 

How Often Should You Service Your Boiler?

You must arrange boiler servicing at least once a year - every 12 months. If you live in a rented home and have a landlord, sometimes they may schedule these for you as it is their legal requirement and a duty of care. 

Once a year is the best way to ensure your boiler operates consistently, efficiently and safely. You should also check the manual of your boiler model, as many will advise you to get your boiler serviced annually to protect the warranty and keep it valid for its stated insurance period. 

What to Expect When the Engineer Arrives

When your engineer finally arrives at your household or property, they will introduce themselves to you and ensure you were expecting a boiler service or gas safety check on that day and time. 

Then they will show your their gas safe certificate or gas safe ID card as proof that they are fully qualified to perform the tasks at hand; they may ask you a few questions about your boiler or the model you have in your home before beginning their job. The questions may include whether or not you've been experiencing any issues or if your boiler or central heating system has been displaying signs of current problems. 

The engineer will do the utmost to ensure your property is tidy during any service often; they can do so by putting down plastic or sheets that will protect your surfaces from damage, leaks or dust. 

It may help if, before your engineer's arrival, try to move as many household objects away from the boiler as possible to give your engineer better access. 

For example, if your boiler is placed in the kitchen, move any cutlery holders, kettles, plants, etc. 

How Often Should You Service Your Boiler?
How Long Does A Boiler Service Take?

How Long Does a Boiler Service Take?

Any boiler professional boiler service should never take more than 45 minutes up to an hour; some take 30 minutes. It all depends on the condition of your boiler as to how long your service will take. 

If repairs require fixing, parts that need replacing, or you need new central heating installation; this often makes the job much longer, so please be aware of this and schedule an appropriate time.

When you start the booking phase for your boiler service, many engineers in the field are happy to adapt and carry out the work at a date and time that fits into your slot. 

If you book at a busier time of year, you may find that negotiating a suitable time is much more challenging, so we advise that you book during their least busy period, which is spring through summer. 

Booking appointments during this time will also save you money in the long run. There are numerous company websites that allow you to get an appointment via a booking form, or you may use their contact details, such as their phone number or email address, to contact them directly. 

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