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Gas Safe Engineer
Newham and East London

Do you need a Gas Safe engineer in Newham and East London? We give you highly specialised and efficient gas work. We provide reliable gas appliance installation servicing and inspection.

Over the years there were a lot of changes in the safety of plumbing and heating services. The only way that you can be confident that you are getting work completed to the latest requirements is by employing a Gas Safe engineer. 

Clients are always very particular about the safety and quality of service.  Therefore, in terms of gas repair or installation, it is quite important to hire a gas safe engineer.

 We give you highly specialised and efficient gas work. We provide reliable gas fitters together with our gas safe registration.

As a registered, professional and dependable gas safe engineer, you can be confident in our work. You can expect that we are sending a qualified gas safe engineer that will determine the possible cause of the problem. They will also provide you with the best solution. 

 Carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks are some of the dangers of bad installations. These may arise if you choose unqualified gas engineers.

We ensure that our gas safe engineers are capable of maintaining a  high quality and safe service. This is why our engineers are all gas safe registered. They always carry their registry identity card in order for you to feel comfortable.  You can be confident that our engineers will do an honest and safe job. 

In taking advantage of our services, you can expect that our gas safe engineer will professional and efficient. They will provide you with the following:

Emergency gas work

Usually, gas leaks are considered as an emergency. This is because of the gas toxic nature, which can be explosive. Your boilers, central heating system and gas cookers in your home or office may be operated by gas.  So, each time that you suspected a leak it will be best for to contact us and our gas safe engineer. We will do the necessary action to ensure your property to be safe.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation

One of the best ways of detecting a gas problem is through alarm installation. Our expert gas safe engineer will help you choose and install the right visual and audible alarms. These will keep your business or home safe. Our engineer will instruct you all about the possible risks of carbon monoxide and how are you going to reduce them.

Residential pipework

Homes which are using natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas come with pipes running throughout or beneath the house. With our gas safe engineers, you will be able to ensure that your home is complying with the current safety regulations.


So contact us if you wanted to feel secure and safe each time you will cook your food. You should never hesitate to call us to ensure that you will be free from any possible gas problems. Your safety as well the welfare of you family is important. So, putting your trust to us is a good investment for complete safety. 

Valuable advice

Alongside offering a satisfying job, we also provide you valuable advice.  This will keep your gas system in its best state and function. We will also suggest ways that you can reduce the possibility of gas problems.

Gas problems

Safety at home or business is quite important.  Therefore, you need to put your trust to the registered Gas Safe expert.  Our experienced Gas Safe provider will handle all of your gas problems. Whenever you need a trusted name in providing you all your needs, Docklands Plumbing and Heating will be your best partner.

Do you need a Gas Safe engineer in Newham and East London? Please call us on 02089 8 30444 or send an enquiry through our contact form to get a quotation.