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Landlord Safety Certificates
Newham and East London

Do you require Landlord Safety Certificates in Newham and East London? In the UK landlords are required to carry out the inspection annually. We are Gas Safe registered engineers.

You might be asking about the importance of having a landlord safety certificate. In most countries, earning the certificate is a legal requirement. This is particularly true for any rental property. In the UK landlords are required to carry out the inspection annually. 

If you own a rental property, you must get a landlord safety certificate in order to carry out your business legally and safely. Docklands Plumbing and Heating can offer you with the certificate that you need for your business.

We give a high priority in taking appropriate action to provide you with the safety certificate. As you value the safety of your tenants, we will help you maintain a safe building in the areas that you are responsible for. 

Along with the landlord safety certificates, we also provide supplementary services such as the following: 

  • Ensuring a monthly or annual safety check on every gas appliance that you have on your rental property. We do this to ensure that all your gas appliances are working at its best condition.  This will guarantee safety to all occupants. 
  • Repairing and maintaining of appliances, gas pipe and other related equipment. We offer this for fittings and utilities that can potentially become a danger to the property. 
  • Keeping your rental property in a safe condition for more than a year depending on the span of time on the contract. Rest assured that as long as you work with us, you will not experience any system failure.  We will help you ensure smooth running of your business and with the safety and protection of your renters. 
  • We can offer you with a credible landlord safety certificate service. This means that we are always ready to provide a quick solution to your needs as the landlord. You deserve only the best from us. That is why we are constantly developing the best practices to ensure that your property is free from all sorts of hazards.
  • Docklands Plumbing and Heating is your local gas safe registered service. With us, you will be working along with certified and registered engineers. We deliver the best protection for the safety of both your property and your occupants.
  • The gas safety certificate gives you the opportunity to receive regular checkup of your electrical and gas appliances. Our team of highly trained and skilled professionals makes sure that each of them is safely installed. 
  • When necessary repairs are needed then we will do it for you. In terms of fire safety, you have nothing to think about because we take control. As long as you are following all the safety regulations then will not have any problem regarding that. 
  • As a responsible landlord, it is best for you to follow orders and regulations. With us, it's easy to acquire the certificate. Our company ensures that your property will  be up to the required safety standards to attain the certificate. 

We will take care of the procedure and all the safety regulations. What you need to do is to have them in mind and follow them. For your rental business, it's always best to have the certificate so you remain a legal business owner. 

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