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Our Services

For almost two decades we have been providing plumbing and heating services at the most reasonable price.  We are able to help customers in East London to acquire a comfortable and healthy living space. In addition, by advising on the most reliable plumbing and heating solution so that you can benefit from our expertise. We are able to offer alternatives to expensive installation, replacement and repairs.  

Our Plumbing and Heating Services

We understand the diverse needs of every home in East London. Our services are available throughout the local area including Docklands, Newham, Waltham Forest and Hackney.  Docklands Plumbing and Heating takes pride in delivering quality services. This will help every home meet their specific needs while allowing the homeowners get the most of their investment. 

 We are dedicated to providing solutions to local homeowners for their plumbing and heating systems. Call us if you need any of the plumbing and heating services we offer. 

Central Heating

Our engineers and technicians are very qualified to work in all your central heating issues. No matter what the model or make of your central heating, we can help repair, replace and install it.

New Boiler Installations

When you have a newly purchased boiler we can help. You will need a professional engineer to install it properly and safely. Depending on your request, the price may vary.  We offer Gas Safe installation according to your budget. 

Boiler Repairs

We will help repair your boiler to a high standard.  We will help you acquire the best comfort for your home. Regardless of the make and model of your boilers at home, we can carry out a professional solution to keep it running efficiently. 

Domestic Plumbing

We will offer a wide range of domestic plumbing. Our experts will provide you with the professionals and honest advice. Our domestic plumbers are certified and trained to handle all your plumbing issues.

Emergency Plumber

We understand how emergencies can affect you.  That is why we are here to help. We will arrive at your property as soon as possible after you call us. You don't have to wait the next morning just to acquire a professionals solution for your plumbing and heating system. Our emergency plumbers are the answer even in the middle of the night. 

Heating Engineers

Our heating engineers are available upon your requests. We can help you in several ways so your heating system will be at its best again. We can repair, replace, or install your heating system. 

Gas Safe Engineer

Our engineers will help inspect your gas and ensure you get professional and honest feedback. Our engineers offer knowledge on how to let you determine the safety of your home. 

Landlord Safety Certificates

Our engineers will identify whether you currently comply with gas safety measures. We will ensure that your tenants can continue living in your property safety. If we see that your property complies, then you will be given a landlord certificate. We will also ensure that you keep your papers updated. We will update you if your papers are nearly expired. 

The plumbing and heating system is playing a vital role in the convenience and comfort of the homeowners.   That is why Docklands Plumbing and Heating is here to help. We can extend efforts to bring back the functionality of your home, and take it up to the next level. We will offer a quality solution while helping to increase the value of your home. Call us today!

Please call us on 020 898 30444 or send an enquiry through our contact form to get a quotation.