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POTTERTON Boiler Repair And Servicing
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Do you require Potterton boiler servicing and repair in Newham and East London? Contact our heating engineers today.

Founded in 1850 by Thomas Potterton, Potterton Commercial is part of the Baxi group. For commercial applications, it manufactures a wide range of gas boilers. All its boilers conform to part L2 of the boiler operating efficiency regulations. The technologically advanced range of condensing boilers manufactured by Potterton as well as the wide range of traditional commercial boiler is ideal for environmental awareness and higher efficiency.

Commercial boilers come in different types and styles. They include the WH series and Paramount two in the wall hung ranges, Eurocondense made from aluminium, Derwent Compact plus Condensing made from cast iron and FS series made from stainless steel.

Gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is used in the Derwent atmospheric range of cast iron boilers. On the other hand, main gas, LPG or oil is used by Arizona Revolution and the NXR pressure jet range of boilers. Pre-fabricated solutions, Fumeco heat recovery unit and hot water calorifiers are among other commercial products that Potterton manufacturers.

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Potterton Combi Range and Prices

The most popular combination or 'combi' boiler in the UK is Potterton Gold Combi HE Boiler 24kWlf and is the best choice for home use. The boiler is well designed to ensure you neither need a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard more space in the roof for a tank. You hot water heat cost will reduce as the combi boiler is an effective energy saver.

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Combi Boiler Benefits

The advantages are numerous, and they include:

  • Different sizes, outputs, and types to choose from
  • For complete peace of mind, the combi boiler comes with labour and parts warranties
  • The design is environmentally friendly and energy efficiency and reduces the energy bills significantly
  • You will have unlimited heat and hot water, making your life easier

Common Potterton Boiler Problems

Low Boiler Pressure

The boiler will lockout when the pressure is too low. It is a common problem with most boiler brands, and Potterton has not to be left out. 

A fault code will be displayed whenever the boiler stops working. Usually, the display of the E119 error will be on systems and store boilers, Profile, Promax and Suprima boilers. The error code should be E118 for Potterton Gold or Titanium.

Boilers leak sometimes and the most leaks come from faulty seals, cracks in heat exchangers and release valves Other things that might trigger a leak are towel rails or pinholes in radiators, radiator valves or weak soldered joints.

Fixing a boiler

Even after a reset, the system will continue to leak, anytime pressure is below 0.6 bar. Therefore, resetting a boiler will not fix the problem. 

To clear the fault code, you can top up the system pressure. This, however, will not solve the leaking problem. You need to re-solder a copper joint or boiler pimp seals for the problem to be solved.

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Do you require Potterton boiler servicing and repair in Newham and East London? Contact our heating engineers today on 02089 8 30444.