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VAILLANT Boiler Repair And Servicing
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Do you need Vaillant boiler servicing or Repair? Our experienced heating engineer is here to help customers throughout Newham and East London.

Valliant has been a prominent boiler brand for over 140 years. As one of Europe's leading boiler brands, Valliant was a pioneer with the introduction of the combi boiler over 35 years ago.

If you want to service your Vaillant boiler at an affordable price, we are here for you; we've created a brief but comprehensive guide for your servicing needs, detailing where to find the best services, how much you should expect to pay for the servicing, and how to make a decision on whether to purchase a new boiler.

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Vaillant Boiler Services

An annual service can help eliminate most boiler problems. Since repairing a boiler is more costly than servicing it, then it is advisable to subscribe to an annual boiler service. 

A Vaillant Boiler service done by local heating contractors costs around £70-£90 (+VAT). If the service is offered by larger companies with many engineers, then the prices can be higher at around £85-£120 (+VAT). You should be cautious of companies that charge way below this range. It is always advisable to take the Gas Safe registration details and check them on the Gas Safe Register.

What's Included in a Vaillant Boiler Service?

If your boiler is due for service but also has a fault, you need to inform the engineer of the potential defect so that they can fix it before servicing the boiler. The fault will not count as part of the service, and you will have to pay for it separately.

Landlords need to be provided with a Gas Safety certificate once the service is completed. It is not mandatory for homeowners to get a Gas Safety certificate, but it is highly advised since it can help in case of safety issues. You can also check that the boiler is functioning properly after the service. For example, the engineer will use the flue gas analyser to check that flue gases are within tolerance levels. 

Some flue gas analysers can print out the details of the tests, or the test details are written on the Gas Safety certificate. It is advisable to ask your engineers to inspect the internal boiler parts such as the heat exchanger. 

Since such internal components can be very costly, paying them to clean blocked parts could save you lots of money in the long run. Ask them to perform a let-by test that checks whether your boiler is losing pressure. 

If this is happening, there is a fault, and it should be fixed. If your boiler is fitted with a filter, the engineers should clean it out. The filters can get clogged with debris, and if they are not cleaned out, the debris can damage the heating system. You should always check with your engineer to confirm what is entailed in your Vaillant boiler service before you proceed.

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If you require Vaillant boiler servicing or Repair in Newham and East London, our experienced heating engineer is here to help. Call 02089 8 30444 today.