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What Are The Popular Boiler Brands In The UK

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  • 15-06-2023
What Are The Popular Boiler Brands In The UK

Have you been asking: what are the popular boiler brands UK? Docklands Plumbing and Heating offers professional Gas Safe heating services throughout East London. Find out more about the best boiler brands and find out which one is right for your home.

Which is the best boiler brand?

Most homeowners desire a high-quality boiler that offers credibility, durability, and the maximum amount of value for money. Add that to a relatively long warranty period, and these are the factors that make for an excellent boiler brand. The most commonly named efficient boilers across Europe and the UK are Viessmann, Baxi, Vaillant, and of course, Worcester Bosch. It's wise to do some research on all aspects of the boiler from the performance, materials, costs, and warranty period. 

Which boiler brands are the best?

Here is a guide for those that may be shopping around the market for a new boiler!

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch has an incredible history known as the most trusted, best-selling boiler brand on the market. For ten consecutive years, many of their renowned combi boilers were awarded 'Which?' Best Buy awards in response to the manufacturing of the product quality, and the aftercare that they receive after they are installed.

The manufacturers and teams involved in their creation are incredibly dedicated. They pride themselves on looking after your heating system long after installation.


Worcester Bosch - What Are The Popular Boiler Brands UK

These high-quality, award-winning boilers offer a guaranteed Worcester warranty that will successfully protect your boiler. They also offer competitive prices to homeowners. You can invest in a boiler that reflects their budget requirements. Key facts on the Worcester Bosch Boiler and the brand:

It provides a guaranteed 10-year period no matter the issues.

Which? Best Buys: Yes, for 10 consecutive years. 

They offer a fitted price range of around £1,900 - £2,600

Viessmann Boilers

Viessmann is known across Europe's boiler market for its crisp designs and remarkable German engineering. Since they were first established, they've achieved a 5-star reputation with customers. The brand is now breaking its way into the UK market and they are expanding its name nationwide.

Viessmann products' reliability and high quality have meant seven of their boiler models were awarded a Which? Best Buy Award. The Trusted Consumer Organisation described the boilers as a "very smart choice."

Viessmann Boilers - What Are The Popular Boiler Brands UK

So if you're looking for a long-lasting, credible boiler you can trust, look no further. The brand itself has many an advantage over its rivals, one being its use of stainless steel for its heat exchangers instead of aluminium.

Heat exchangers are a crucial aspect of your central heating system as they are the part responsible for hot water. Many boiler brands neglect the heat exchanger, choosing to construct it from cheaper materials. However, this typically means a decrease in quality. Key facts about the Viessmann Boilers and it's brand:

Viessmann offers a 10-year warranty

Which? Best Buy: Yes

The price to have it fitted sits at around £1,695 - £2,300

Alpha Boilers

Alpha has been slotting in suitable household bargain boilers for many years, and it lead to them being known as a 'budget' boiler brand. In the UK, they have been increasing their market share over previous years, and they make for a fantastic option for homeowners.

If you find yourself in search of an affordable, reliable central heating source, Alpha might be the perfect option. It is typically referred to as a budget brand; however, the products and the technology involved are excellent. They use stainless steel heat exchangers.

Alpha Boilers - What Are The Popular Boiler Brands UK

These are only generally found throughout more premium brands, such as Viessmann. Alpha allows customers a choice of popular combi boilers, including the likes of Intec, Evoke, and E-Tec. They begin at quite reasonable prices, from £520 up to £2,500, being their most expensive. Key facts on the Alpha Boilers and their brand:

They offer a warranty period of 7-10 years

Which? Best Buys: No

Alpha provides a fitted price range of around £1,500 - £1,995

Ideal Boilers

Ideal, by name, create some of the most ideal boilers for the house. They aren't considered to be anything remarkable; however, they perform their job well. Ideal boilers have an extensive history in the home boiler market throughout the UK.

Mostly due to their manufacturing centre being based in Kingston Upon Hull. Over the years, they've accumulated an excellent reputation, making them a credible brand. Manufacturers supply a large collection of budget-friendly boiler models.


Ideal Boilers - What Are The Popular Boiler Brands UK

They also offer those of a more robust build that include slightly pricier features that enhance their functionality. Key facts on the Ideal Boilers and their brand:

The warranty period lasts up to 12 years with accredited installers.

Which? Best Buys: No

Ideal offers a price range fitted at around £1,400 - £2,900

Valliant Boilers

Valliant has a strong presence in the UK as a boiler brand, and it is known as one of the few on the boiler scene to be awarded a Which? Best Buy. Valliant earned a spot among other great brands due to the development of their premium boilers of high-standard quality.UK-created,

Valliant boilers provide customers with a broad range of sizes and types. They are backed by a solid 10-year warranty that helps protect your system and insurance.


Valliant Boilers - What Are The Popular Boiler Brands UK

Those wanting to save energy and money on their heating bills should consider installing a Valliant smart thermostat to improve efficiency. Key facts on the Vaillant Boilers and their brand:

A warranty period of up to 10 years.

Which? Best Buy: Yes

Offers a fitted price range of around £1,800 - £3,900

Baxi Boilers

BAXI boilers are another British-manufactured boiler with its centre based in Preston, Lancashire. Their brand provides regular, system and combi boilers engineered with immense durability. It isn't often recognised in the heating industry as a premium option.

Yet, they are still widely known for their award-winning customer service, extensive product selection, and healthy warranty policies.


Baxi Boilers - What Are The Popular Boiler Brands UK

If you're searching for a boiler brand that will enable you to receive the maximum value for your money, BAXI is the wisest option. However, you must be wary, not all boiler models they offer deliver on quality.

To be sure you're selecting one of their good quality boilers, can be a gamble. We highly recommend doing plenty of research and reading customer reviews before investing. The team of manufacturers are always on hand ready to supply customers with excellent aftercare on all purchases, products and available spare parts. Key facts on the BAXI Boilers and their brand:

BAXI offers a warranty period of up to 10 years

Which? Best Buys: None

Their fitted price range sits at around £1,300 - £2,100

Glow Worm Boilers

Glow-worm is another budget brand fostered by Vaillant, one of the leading boiler brand giants. First manufactured in a factory in Derbyshire, Glow-worm is a fabulously UK-made boiler brand that aims to supply customers with a selection of boiler models, such as regular, combi and system.

They have an energy range that incorporates brand-new technology that can reduce fuel waste, increase efficiency, and helps minimise your household's carbon footprint.

Glow Worm Boilers - What Are The Popular Boiler Brands UK

If you're in the market for a more energy-efficient boiler brand, one that offers greener technology on a budget, this might be the boiler for you. You can ease up on utilising planet-burning household appliances, and use this exchange. Key facts about the Glow-Worm Boiler and it's brand:

They offer a warranty period of 10 years

Which? Best Buys: None

They have a fitted price range of £1,100 - £2,900

Potterton Boilers

Potterton was manufacturing high-quality condensing boilers for the premium side of the UK market. However, in more recent years, they launched a broad range of boilers with a reduced warranty known as 'budget boilers.'

This reduced it to 2 years, which isn't the peace of mind many homeowners are searching for. When buying a significant appliance for your household, you want to ensure your warranty extends a few more years.


Potterton Boilers - What Are The Popular Boiler Brands UK

Potterton offers an excellent combi boiler range that includes products such as Titanium, Assure, Gold, Promax and Promax Ultra, all of which are priced between £675 - £1,350. Key facts on the Potterton Boilers and their brand:

They promise a warranty period of up to 10 years.

Which? Best Buys: None

They provide a fitted price range of £1,600 - £2,400.

Intergas Boilers

Intergas is a somewhat new boiler brand in the UK. Its manufacturers boast a boiler that promises the fewest moving parts against any other manufacturing rival. Intergas are a sleek, attractive boiler with modern LED displays, remote-control systems, and brand-new contemporary designs.

They are incredibly user-friendly and provide extra convenience. Intergas offers rapid and compact combi ranges priced around £630 - £1,040. It provides a warranty that ranges from 3-7 years according to the model you have chosen.

Intergas Boilers - What Are The Popular Boiler Brands UK

For those hunting for a condensing boiler that offers a high-quality build and sleek appearance, Intergas might be a suitable option. Key facts about the Intergas Boiler and the brand:

It offers a warranty period of up to 10 years. 

Which? Best Buys: None

It has a fitted price range of around £1,900 - £3,600

Vokera Boilers

Vokera boilers provide engineers and homeowners with something they both love. A reasonable price and simplicity of installation. They offer a warranty of 2-7 years depending on the boiler model you have selected for your household or property.

The models that you may have installed include Vision Plus, Vision C, Evolve C, Unica I, and Compact A. Each is a decent boiler that performs the job of providing central heating and hot water perfectly well.

Vokera Boilers - What Are The Popular Boiler Brands UK

The Vokera is an excellent, budget-friendly option for your property. For those not searching for a boiler with all the latest smart technology and thrills, a Vokera is the best, most straightforward solution. Key facts about Vokera Boilers and their brand:

It offers a warranty period of up to 10 years

Which? Best Buys: No

Its fitted price range sits at around £1,200 - £2,100

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