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If you require Worcester boiler repair and servicing in the Newham and East London areas, contact our engineer today.

One of the most popular and well-known boiler brand on the market are Worcester Bosch. Every boiler manufactured has set high standards and has seen them win seven Best Buy awards in a row. You can get a free Worcester boiler repair quote with our service if you need to consult an engineer. 

Worcester Boiler Repair

We have provided a guide to help you pull through most common problems with Worcester Bosch boiler or any other Worcester boiler repair problem you might experience.

5 Most Common Worcester Bosch Boiler Faults

Reduced Boiler Pressure

The central heating system might not be functioning if the boiler has low pressure. You may have an issue if your pressure gauge shows anything below 1. 

You can choose to re-pressurise your boiler yourself, or hire a reputable Gas Safe engineer to do it for you.

Hot water shortage

This can be as a result of airlocks, low water levels, broken diaphragms, failure of motorised valves or airlocks. Several things can trigger the shortage. 

The most common factors that initiate the lack of hot water are problems with your thermostat or boiler pressure. Additionally, Water may be trapped in the radiator. To rectify the problem, ensure the radiator slopes a bit.

Worcester Boiler Repair

Leaking boiler

A broken internal component is in most case the main cause of leaking. The seals might have degraded over time, or they have been put under too much stress due to an increase in flow rate on the pump.

 Nevertheless, your boiler needs to be looked at by an engineer to establish the source of the leakage. The fault code to be displayed in this case is likely to be the A281 or EA338.

row of shoes under radiator

Banging noises being made by the boiler

Limescale buildup will cause kettling which will trigger noticeable banging sounds from your boiler. 

Limescale is notoriously hard to remove. Only a central heating inhibitor can flush out a good chunk of Limescale. 

Fit a Limescale reducer to ensure that any Limescale that passes through the systems in the future is trapped. Inadequate water pressure or a faulty thermostat might also prompt knocking sounds. 

If the boiler is not fixed the central heating system might experience uncountable of glitches from then on.

Recurrent boiler locking out

This is a shut down that is initiated when a boiler is not working within certain parameters. There is likely to be a fault with the system if your boiler has locked out. 

To prevent further damage, the boiler is automatically locked out. Learning the Worcester error codes will help you know where the fault by looking for the specific error code that will be displayed.

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